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AlgiKnit Inc. is a biomaterials company integrating science and design into textile production. Addressing the ecological damage caused by the fashion industry, AlgiKnit is creating durable yet rapidly degradable yarns.

We aim to operate in a closed loop product lifecycle, utilizing materials with a significantly lower environmental footprint than conventional textiles, to bring sustainable bio-based textile alternatives to the footwear and apparel industries.


Our Team


Tessa Callaghan

Co-Founder & Director of Innovations


Aaron Nesser

Co-Founder & CEO


Aleks Gosiewski

Co-Founder & Director of Operations


Matt Gande

Lead Fiber and Polymer Scientist


Minji Kim

Fiber and Polymer Scientist


Max Cheng

Media Assistant


Theanne Schiros

Co-Founding Scientific Advisor


Asta Skocir

Co-Founding Technical Advisor


Ray W. Miller

Strategic Advisor


What is Kelp?

Kelp is a type of seaweed or macroalgae, that is grown globally in cold coastal waters primarily in the northern hemisphere.

How is kelp sustainable?

  • Kelp is one of the fastest growing, most rapidly replenishing organisms on earth

  • Grown in the ocean, so it doesn’t rely on harmful fertilizers and pesticides

  • Does not use arable land nor fresh water for drinking or irrigation

  • Efficiently sequesters carbon/CO2 while filtering surrounding water

  • Farming kelp rebuilds economic and ecological communities affected by overfishing and pollution by providing a new income source and improving marine habitats

Where can AlgiKnit’s yarn be used?

AlgiKnit’s yarns are directed toward use in the fashion industry, in particular within the fields of footwear, accessories, interiors, and garments.

Will the yarn fall apart while being worn?

While worn, our materials are durable and practical, only degrading when exposed to humid, fungi rich environments found in composting facilities for a prolonged period of time.

Selected Awards & Recognitions:

  • $2.2M seed investment lead by Horizons Ventures - 2018

  • Post Code Lottery Green Challenge Finalist, €100,000 Prize - 2018

  • Disrupt 100, Ranked #21 - 2018

  • LVMH Innovation Award Finalist - 2018

  • Plug & Play Fashion for Good Accelerator Participant - 2018

  • Rebel Bio Accelerator Participant, $100k SOSV pre-seed investment - 2018

  • National Geographic Chasing Genius Winner - 2017

  • AATCC Grant Recipient - 2016